Friday, March 20, 2009

Why Comics: I Owe It All To Kid Colt

Of my childhood interests and pastimes, I could number among them neither comics, pirates, nor westerns.

As a child, I might have, upon occasion, picked up the odd Richie Rich, or Kid Colt, or, maybe, Captain America. But more often than not, I simply read without buying, having no great or abiding interest in the medium.
Comic books played no role in my childhood.
It wasn't until after college that I made a serious attempt to acquaint my myself with the world of comic books.
I chose Batman, The Phantom, and El Diablo.
None of the above titles were the typical super heroes. These I considered more based in reality, more plausible. More down to earth.
And though I enjoyed these for awhile, I never completely cottoned to the world of comics.
Gradually, my interest waned, and it would be years before I picked up another comic book.

Then, one day, for no reason that I can now remember, I decided to see if I could get my hands on some old Marvel cowboy Kid Colt comic books
I could. And did.

And though I still haven't developed an interest in the super hero genre, my interest in comic books has not waned this time.

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