Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kid Colt: Man With The Golden Hair

Publisher: Marvel
Status: Ceased publication 1979

Kid Colt, published from 1948 to 1979 was the longest running western in comic book history.

Blaine Colt was a strapping young buck who, after being wrongly accused of murder after avenging(in self defense) the murder of his father, rode the Wild West righting wrongs in places with names such as Dry Gulch.

With his fire-engine red shirt, cowhide vest, and white hat, he became a figure you could always count on to take the right side in a fight, and never back down.

With his trusty horse, Steel, Kid appeared in a simpler time, when there were few shades of grey, when his moral compass never failed to point to what was right, when he could kill the bad guys without remorse or regret.

He defended those who were unable to defend themselves.

He was a cowboy hero.

Though the story telling wasn't stellar(some were downright silly), it was always fun to watch the Kid put the bad guys in their place. Even if that place was sometimes Boot Hill.

Though the title was published until 1979, when western comic books had already fallen out of favor, a lot of the stories appearing in those later issues were reprints from earlier issues.

Sadly, Marvel has never seen fit to revive the Kid.

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