Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kid Colt-One Shot

Publisher: Marvel, 2009.

Blaine Cole rides again!

Marvel Comics, to its ever-loving credit, has seen fit to revive, if only for this one time, what is arguably comic's most enduring western character, Kid Colt.
Bless 'em!

After having enjoyed the longest run of any western hero in comics, The Kid hasn't seen a lot of action since the demise of that run nigh onto 30 years ago now.
Consider that problem remedied.

Writer Tom Defalco reintroduces us to The Kid, giving us a complete story and an origin story in one issue.

Suffice it to say The Kid is out to clear his name.
With the aid of Hawkmoore, he sets out to find a witness who can help him accomplish this.
Alas, things are never easy for The Kid. There are those who want him dead, after all.

He'll have to blast his way through bounty killers and scavengers if he wants to live the life of an innocent man again.

The art recalls classic Kid Colts of the past, simple, not overly detailed or nuanced.
And the story is a good one.

Let's hope this lead to a full revival of Kid Colt with his own title.

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